About Us

About Us

“We opened our doors as a boutique entertainment company and have established a rich history”, says Robert Ross, Chairman and CEO of R&R Entertainment, LLC. Every great artist is supported by a dedicated team, a team of talented, high-powered, assertive individuals who are focused on creating iconic figures the world adores. Comprehensive strategies executed with an aligned squad are key ingredients for success.

Everyone plays a pivotal role, none more important than the legal representation side of the business, a strategic entertainment attorney like Robert Ross.

Robert has moved his practice from a dream to a thriving, lucrative, elite, "in demand" product with a character, captivating the industry in a way no one has for years.

In 1995, the R&R Entertainment brand’s main mission was creating a vision for our artists. As a noted business manager mainly focusing on the legal aspects of the business, Robert has developed a team to paving individualized blueprints for budding artists, including the publishing and production genres, so artists can maintain ownership of their copy written work and intellectual property, a major priority in these internet times.

So many artists lose sight of business processes during the creative process. Robert has a plan for that. He says, “Our goal during initial meetings with prospective clients is to understand and capture their passion and mission.” Mindset and continuity are essential for relationships to flourish. R&R understands and lives by this. Our focus and skill is global.

"The international market has been very good to us," says Lilly Vasquez, Assistant to the Chairman. "Our goal is to diversify core product management and legal, aligning ourselves with international partners to make our clients’ growth smooth and sustained. R&R has successfully, In a nearly three decade run, R&R has represented dozens of producers, artists, and the like, still holding true to its corporate mission - Creating Vision for Future Artists. Our greatest fear is not being inadequate, but to deliver greatness without limits.

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