1995 is when the “DREAM” went into REALITY but in my mind, it started way before then. It all started with my love for Music!!!! Growing up in NY in the 80’s especially in Queens where HIP HOP played a pivotal role in my upbringing there was no way to escape it…. R&R was born out of that love. Being from NY you have this “chip on your shoulder” in a good way that you have to represent to the best of your ability in anything you do.

Inspiration early on was always around me, one person in particular who PLAYED a major role in LOVING MUSIC the way I do was My brother DJ MIXX NYC. In 1997 my brother had a tragic accident in which he lost his leg and his hand, I watched him rise from the ashes and as a double amputee ROCK OUT the last 20 plus years and not lose zeal for what he loves to do…... if that’s not INSPIRING I don’t know what will.

So back to 1995, with a $300.00 investment to print up 20 business plans the DREAM jumped into high gear thanks to my future wife!!! After Law school I had this zany idea to start a small Boutique firm with a Management piece attached to it and got right to it. God must’ve known I was prepared for what I was about to encounter because my FIRST DEAL was with Joe Ruffalo “Executive Producer” for Purple Rain”. I had an artist named Candy who was discovered in LA by Ray Parker Jr…. of “Ghost Busters “fame. Joe Ruffalo managed him and was impressed with candy’s vocals, so he wanted to start a record label and have her as the 1st artist. When finding out I was relatively new in the business he admonished her parents to go with another lawyer. They were adamant in using me and that was an INSPIRING moment for me in my career.

Fast forwarding 25 years later there’s so much HISTORY that I would need another website assigned to it lol. Just know we’re aren’t finished yet and by a longshot…. The motto is still the same “Creating the vision of a future artist” we live by that then and we live by that now!!!!!!